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City & Guilds International Barista Skills (7102) is for a person who works as or wants to work as barista. You don't have any experience on this field before taking this course.

The exams

You will become a qualified barista if you pass the both exams: 1. Written exam: 20 questions, 20 short answers in 20 minutes. 2. Practical exam: 7 drinks within 16 minutes.

You only have to re-take the failed part and you can re-take at most twice.

The course

My expreience is having a 3-day course, having the written part at the end of 2nd day and the partical exam at the end of the 3rd day. It's really demanding but luckily I had a 3-day annual leave so that's why I took it in this way.

If your work is already exhausted you, you may consider to have a weekend/nighttime course and this will take you around 1 month. Plus, you can have some extra time for studying.

Content of the course

More then 50% of the course is related to coffee (machines) while the other half is related to the other drinks and the skills required for a barista.

The main focus of the coffee part is the Espresso:


  • Ingredient of a good coffee
  • From bean to cup
  • How to delivery a good espresso
  • How to brew good espresso-base coffee
  • Storage
  • Troubleshoot / maintenance of an espresso machine

The other drinks covers tea, hot chocolate and smoothies:

Other drinks

  1. Tea:

    • Types of tea
    • How to brew good tea
    • Storage
  2. Chocolate:

    • From cocoa to hot chocolate
    • Troubleshoot on chocolate machine
    • Storage
  3. Smoothies:

    • Ingredients
    • How to use/troubleshoot a blender


Last part is the soft skills including:

  • Communication skills
  • What to do when your shop does not have filter coffee